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(I consider this to be more of a "Klingon Gameplay" post than a "PvP" post.)

I was getting seriously bored of ground PvP just because we ALWAYS, ALWAYS massacred the Feds. It was a very rare Fed team that would get more than 10 kills. 40-3 was not uncommon. There are numerous reasons for this but that's another story.

Today we decided to get together a team and just go all batl'leth. We also carried stun pistols to help with runners but rarely needed it.

We still won every match by a landslide but it was a whole lot more fun and interesting.

My advice:
  • Bat'leth
  • Stun pistol
  • That shield that procs an AE knockback when you get hit
  • Regular energy dampening armor

The shield proc helps keep your target down while you beat on him. There is a +melee strength armor but it sucks -- you get a minuscule boost to damage for a high cost in resists. You could use the melee resist armor (PolyAlloy Weave or whatever it's called) but the Feds will be shooting you still so best just keep the Energy Dampening armor.

If you're tactical, I suggest using the Squad Leader kit for this, since it has no abilities that require a gun and if someone drops a big engineering parade inside a dome shield, you can throw a smoke grenade in there and laugh at them.

Incidentally, when facing dome shields, I advise running into it and doing the bat'leth middle attack. It'll knock anyone inside the shield to the edge, where you can beat on them.

Also, read this guide:

Print it out and use the bat'leth combos.

We got accused to exploiting an "overpowered" game element, but I assure that you my team would use guns to totally decimate any bat'leth team. Bat'leths are actually quite underpowered. But they're more fun and Feds are so bad at ground combat that you can beat them anyway. If they keep losing we're going to have to switch to hand-to-hand.

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