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# 1 Firing random delay times.
03-08-2010, 12:03 AM
Whether it is space or ground combat, a very very common quirk is the response time from when you fire and when you fire.

Confusing? Yep that is exactly what it is.

Here's a few examples.
In space combat with target shields up:
<Hit hotkey to fire torpedoes>
Response time: instant.
In space combat when "Target shields have failed." <Hit hotkey to fire torpedoes>
Response time: 3 seconds. (more than enough time for target to do a 180 degree turn and place a fully charged shield in the way.)

I am on a 12 meg connections with 10-30 ms latency. So I am really really confused why the lead time is so varied.

Same thing occurs in ground combat..fortunately expose times are bit longer than 3 seconds.

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