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# 1 The 47 Conspiracy
03-09-2010, 04:00 AM
Sensors have detected an abnormally high use of the number 47 in episodes of Star Trek. It is believed that a conspiracy is being coordinated by Joe Menosky, with substantial cooperation from Ronald D Moore, Brannon Braga and Jeri Taylor (who have all served as Star Trek Producers and/or Writers). The frequency of use of this obscure number is well outside normal parameters. Commonly masked in a technical exchange or read from a sensor panel, the number is often mentioned or displayed so quickly that it is missed by the casual observer.

Recent information has come to light suggesting that conspiracy is actually manipulated by an obscure organisation called Pomona College. Further, Joe Menosky has had strong connections to this organisation! While it is known that the Pomonians hold to a belief that all numbers equal 47, their purpose for sequesting the number 47 in the Star Trek universe remains unknown.

Starfleet operatives have identified Star Trek episodes contain this mysterious number, and these are documented in this file. Writers and Producers who are suspected of conspiring—where known—are also noted. As information comes to light, it will uploaded into this database. This file is by no means complete! Submissions of evidence of further conspiratorial activity and background intelligence are most welcome. Select Upload mode on this terminal to transmit your findings to Starfleet.

Observers in the Sev Trek Quadrant are developing their own theories. Other operatives have recently uncovered undeniable evidence of the conspiracy:

NOTE: These are only the ones from Voyager.

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