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# 1 CMO's Personal Log (fiction)
03-09-2010, 07:07 AM
(For background information on Jaiden Stark, see )

Personal log
Jaiden Stark, CMO
USS Hawking

Growing up with Starfleet officers for parents, you tend to expect the unexpected. I never would have suspected the events of the past several weeks coming together and ending up with me here, as the Chief Medical Officer of the USS Hawking.

But I'm getting ahead of myself...

There are two planets that are blocked off by Starfleet, planets people are absolutely forbidden to visit... Talos IV and Gateway. I've heard of the names, Hell, ANYONE in Starfleet knows those names. But a mission to rescue Miral Paris from some Klingons ended up taking me to Gateway. I should have known something was up when I started getting clearances from the admiralty to orbit Gateway, and another to beam down to the surface...

Beaming to the surface of Gateway, I ended up in front of an impossibly old ... something... that called itself "The Guardian of Forever". Before I had a chance to catch my breath, I was deep in the past, fighting off Klingon warships to get Paris back.

When I saw the Enterprise... THE Enterprise... it hit home hard. I had to be careful, constantly double and triple checking everything I did, otherwise I could harm the timestream. Ambassador Spock, I mean, Commander Spock realized I was from the future. We did everything to limit contact, so that damage to the timeline would be minimal.

The ship I command, the USS Grace Hopper, is a Constitution class ship. I think there were only ten Constitution class ships back in Kirk's day. I wonder what Kirk would have thought had he seen a woman commanding one of the flagships of the fleet... and an Orion at that.

The mission was a success. We saved Miral Paris. I was looking forward to some downtime back on the family farm on Earth.

The non stop visits from the Department of Temporal Affairs began as soon as the Grace Hopper docked at Sol. Interviews. Questions. My thoughts on how the mission went. Then they started asking the stranger questions...

"How would I select an away team to beam down and observe the construction of the pyramids of Giza?"

"What precautions would an away team need to follow if they were to find themselves in Ancient Vulcan, during the time of Surak?"

And the strangest one of all...

"You are back in the past. Without breaking the Temporal Prime Directive, how would you stop yourself from doing a certain action, without causing a predestination paradox?"

I hate Temporal Mechanics. It was my worst class at the Academy.

And then came the call from Admiral Stevenson. The USS Hawking, a science vessel with a very highly classified timeslip drive, would be exploring and recording key events in Federation history. I have been assigned her CMO for the one year mission of exploration.

And the strange thing? When the mission is over, we'll arrive back the same day we left, only a few minutes later. One year will have passed for me, but not even one day for everyone else. Then I go right back to commanding the Grace Hopper.

I don't care for time travel at all.

Something about this fills me with dread. So much so, that I've left T'Pal's IDIC with Jade Conway. Just in case something does happen.

Expect the unexpected...

I better end this. The bridge has just signaled the timeslip is about to start, and all hands are to report to stasis pods.

Computer, end recording.

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