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# 1 Less Raid more /played
03-09-2010, 10:26 AM
Are raids the only new content we can expect to see for end game?

While raids are great for some the idea of having nothing to do but run the same mission over and over again doesn't sound like much fun to me.

Are there any plans on adding other kinds of end game content such as some sort of contested space that actually gives some sort of forward movement in the conflict?
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03-09-2010, 10:33 AM
I agree with you completely. To me it looks like they are attempting to make a mainstream "raiding" game. If you go to the news - calender, it shows what they are planning on releasing.
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03-09-2010, 10:36 AM
i'd like to see more endgame missions that can be done solo or in a group, with maybe EC as a reward in lieu of SP. and maybe blue or green gear upgrades.

because while i do plan on trying the raidisodes, i tend to find certain mechanics annoying, such as the virus gimmick and the platform jumping.

and since pvp in this game is borked, and ra5 queues are apparently extremely long, and since world pvp isn't going to happen in STO(which is what i would do in other mmo's at endgame).

i mean having two or three dailies is cool and all, but it gets stale fast.

and i don't want to roll a klingon until they balance pvp because easy mode pvp doesn't appeal to me.
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03-09-2010, 10:41 AM
This game needs some open rvr sectors, (we dont need to raid earth space dock or vice versa...) But same ole cookie cutter pvp maps and 5man end game stuff is not going to keep folks like me around, and I LOVE space games but this feels like space in a 1gal fish bowl.
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03-09-2010, 10:52 AM
Not to beat a dead fish but I honestly think what STO needs is the SFC Dynaverse style conflict maps.

Drop a new sector block between each playable faction and let them fight for control of the systems. This doesn't even have to be strictly PvP. Give players the choice of running PvE missions as well that helps towards winning control of a system.

This would open doors for Diplo missions, supply runs, PvE and PvP battles. Hell, you could even allow factions to build Starbases and have Starbase attacks. So much content potential and it doesn't get stale like raids.

There is no sense of movement/change in the FvK conflict.

I'd really like to see some sort of player influence in the game. Isn't that the whole point of an 'MMO'?
I have yet to see anything that resembles MMO content outside of the multiplayer. Plenty of RPG just not much MMO.

Just running missions for the sake of running missions is tedium and I get that from work every day.

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