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With the addition of new pvp maps and types incoming, I propose Klingons have an arena set aside for actual Bat'leth Tournaments, along with an actual game mechanic for managing the tournament.

For example:

The tournaments would run based on rank (not level).

Up to 32 combatants in a bracket tournament, double elimination, with awards for the top 4 finishers, or if a 64 man tournament, the top 8 get awards. The tournament could be adjusted based on the number of people who sign up.

I think the top awards should be nicely designed Bat'leths, different in appearance than the other run of the mill bat'leths but with additional buffs and usable in ground pvp of course, since we have no walls to hang them on or desks to put trophies on There wouldn't have to be a ton of designs, but just some different buffs on them.

In the actual combat, there would be NO weapons allowed other than a Bat'leth. There would be NO skills allowed that were not melee (meaning no Stasis Field, no Cover Shield or turrets, and no Stealth Module, just for a few examples). The point of the tournament is to fight with the Bat'leth, not anything else. It could be resolved to remove kits altogether for the combat so that even Lunge would not be able to be used either, since Engineer and Science officers can't get that skill either, or leg sweep. This is about combat with the Bat'leth, and nothing else.

Now, this idea is primarily for Bat'leths, or for other melee weapons when they finally come in to the game, but a tournament for 1 v 1 beams, 2 v 2, 5 v 5 could all be managed, but it would take the devs making the arena and the mechanic to run the bracket etc. If they do *not* do any of this for us, we could do it on our own but it would be a lot harder to implement. Hopefully the devs will take a look and see that this would be a good thing.

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