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I've noticed the Klingon phrases used in the game come from a variety of sources, some good, some bad, and some weirdly out of context.

But when you do the /mokbara emote, you say this phrase:
yIn Daq joH'a' tuq reH

In Klingon it's not grammatical and it's pure gibberish. But I figured Cryptic lifted it somewhere so I googled it and found a website of a guy who purports to translate Bible passages in Klingon. He uses an English-Klingon computer lexicon to look up the Klingon approximation of individual English words and copies them down still using the original English word order. Even though he's been doing this for years, he pays no attention whatsoever to Klingon grammar, syntax, or the actual meaning of the words themselves.

According to his site:
yIn Daq joH'a' tuq reH is supposed to mean
"Live in the house of the Lord forever", a paraphrase of Psalm 23.

I don't really care about the inappropriate religious message but I'm annoyed at the appalling misuse of the Klingon language in the game. You can't just look up English words in a dictionary verbatim and call it Klingon. The Klingon language has it's own unique grammar. It reminds me of the Monty Python's Life of Brian scene where Brian writes "Romanes eunt domus" for "Romans go home!"

Cryptic, if you want to put Klingon phrases, please do it right. Please don't use crappy computer Klingon from dubious sources off the web. If you want to say this correctly in Klingon, use something like:
reH joH'a' juHDaH bIyInjaj (May you live in the house of the Lord forever.)

Another translation that annoys me in the one you use for the Undine - something like qa'meH quv which purports to mean "one who replaces honor with dishonor". The phrase you use actually means "honor of replacement" which makes no sense.

"One who replaces honor with dishonor" would be: quv quvHa'ghach je tamwI'
Or simply: quv tamwI'

Cryptic if you need help with your Klingon, send me a PM. I used to be one of the grammarians for the KLI.

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