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I went in tonight with 4 other friends,,,,,, 3 eng, 2 sci - needless to say the shields and heals rocked and rolled us through the instance..... a total of 3 deaths up to the queen's room....... then the fun started......

Tactical Drones re-popping the instant they die.... not once, not twice, but 3 times in some spots - most of the time we were just doing battle with 2 instant respawns.....

The pylons would only trigger to proper que if standing in exactly the right spot.... sometimes the cue poofing mid click.......

So after 90 mins of messing with this travesty of a bug fest - we called it a night.....

I totally believe in challenges, i perfer it.... but this is not a challenge - a challenge would have a solution that would make sense..... but after 90 mins of attempts of all logical and illogical ideas - we called it a night.....

So curious are these respawns a bug? or is this going to be the blizzard-esque "working as intended answer"

I am hoping that the cure works a bit better than the infected......


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