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(Well ok, not much of potential spoilers, but you never know)

So I've arrived in the Beta Ursae sector, freshly minted Captain's rank pips on my uniform, and boldly head off to do Captain James Kurland's bidding (in one of those confusing situations where I'm being ordered about by someone of equal rank). Yet, curiously unlike my preceding experiences on the Klingon and Romulan fronts, this sector sets out to really confuse rather than guide. Admiral Quinn told me all about the Klingons; Admiral T'nae did her best to tell me about the Romulans. All Kurland talks about is the True Way, but in the following little saga, I don't even see them...

Given that my new Exploration Cruiser has the speed and turn of a sloth, I can't evade deep space encounters very well. A DSE looking remarkably like a Starfleet ship rams into me. Ok, strange, but fair enough. I'm greeted by dialogue that informs me that I need to defend myself against O'Brien's ships.

Er, what? Ok, confusion level rising, but we'll leave it be. Lets' go into the DSE.

The objective doesn't help much: 'Defeat the Reman threat'

More confused, I hail the DSE's local captain who in all DSEs helpfully explains what is going on and why I'm shooting him (such helpful enemies!)

He's listed as Terran Federation... and proceeds to tell me to go die in a fire or words to that effect. Now I'm really confused - some guy called O'Brien is doing stuff, there's a Terran Federation, flying Starfleet ships, who seem to want to kill me, and the game thinks they're Remans.

Compare and contrast for a moment; all preceding data about, say, the Borg or the Klingons or the Romulans was helpfully thrown at you during early mission briefings or in the tutorial. You rather expect to come across them - your first DSE in Sirius space isn't a surprise at all. This rogue faction that has apparently turned up hasn't even been mentioned! It's all Cardassians this, and True Way that. Worse, everyone telling me about them assumes I know what they're talking about!

Maybe it's just me, but if I were briefing potential Captains dropping by my Deep Space Nine station, I might just consider mentioning this kind of thing beforehand - you know, like: 'Captain, you need to be aware of this rebel faction'.

Now, since I've not yet progressed into the Beta Ursae storylines, this might be a colossally unhelpful bug; either way, it either needs fixing or improving so that this stuff actually makes any sense. (I am aware of who Miles O'Brien is; a potential candidate for whoever 'O'Brien' is in the above, but if you're going to drop massive spoilers like that, do so with a bit more care, tact, thought, actual story, design?)

However, it gets better. I was cruising across Beta Ursae for my first patrol there; the Reimers system. I enter the mission. My tactical officer informs me about Klingons and preventing further incursions into Federation space. Hang on. Maybe my short-sighted tactical officer hasn't glanced at the map lately, but we're in Cardassian space. Whilst I'm aware that prior to the Dominion War, the Klingons conquered several Cardassian worlds, it would have been nice to have been briefed about a potential two-front Klingon threat, seeing as said sector is at the entire opposite side of the Federation from Klingon territory.

If we want to prevent incursions, maybe preventing them getting all the way across the Federation would have been a good initial move, no?

So in summary, my initial experience in Cardassian space left me bewildered and confused when compared and contrasted with the reasonable experiences I'd had in the preceding sectors.

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