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# 1 REQUEST: Set Rally Point bind
03-09-2010, 01:21 PM
Could you guys work on allowing the Set Rally point for BO's to be bound to a hotkey? I find it bloody awkward having to get the little mouse cursor over the busy screen to right click on the tiny button to get my team to follow me again. A toggle would not be too far out of the question, no need to make one for individual BO's but that wouldbe even better. Then we can Alt+# to hook the bind to the cursor and set without all the searching.

Great work otherwise, the game is constantly getting better, in most regards. Ship explosion radius could be set back to the devastating range it was in Closed again, but so far, so good.

P.S. Speaking of hotkeys, could you als find your way to allowing us to assign keys to the power settings? Again with the poking of tiny buttons etc.. Would be nice to hit Insert/Home/PG UP and have the right setting for the right situation.

Lt. Commander
Join Date: Dec 2007
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# 2
03-10-2010, 12:17 PM
there is already /bind command that switch power level preset, go find it.

as to the other option, i would agree with you. cryptic need to add a hot key for rally points. although it'll need to either:
1. always set the rally point just in front of you.
2. allow you to move the rally point with the xbox joystick.

p.s. if you are that annoyed, you can always write your own AHK macro that set rally point, because that is what i have; and no, it wont get you banned, it is not a afk bot. it is easy to write a AHK maro that does the following.
1. move the mouse to rally point button, left click
2. a suitable sleep
3. move the mouse to center of the screen, left click.
4. a small sleep
5. move the mouse out of the way, ie 1440, 900

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