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# 1 game freezes and glitches
03-10-2010, 08:42 PM
I don't get much help from submitting tickets so I thought I would try the forum. The game has been getting alot more bugs and glitches lately it seems. The worst is when the game freezes completely, nothing works except the mouse. The only option I have when this happens is to hit control alt delete and end the program. I am also experiencing horrible control issues when I am on ground missions. My character often runs in the wrong direction or the camera goes balistic and I can't see what I'm doing and I'll often get stuck on something I can't even see. Then there is the graphic issues where planets or other items are dark and you can't see anything. The graphics bugs I can let slip because I'm still waiting for toshiba to release updated video drivers. ( I can't update from nvidia website or it permanently ruins my screen colors ) I'm not sure if this game is a work in progress or what but I can't be expected to pay every month for these types of bugs. You could say well maybe its just my computer.. but I think I'm a pretty good judge of when the game is faulty or its my pc. I am not having any problems with my pc.. just with this game. All other games run fine including bioshock 2. By no means do I expect this game to be perfect but some things I just can't let slide without atleast reporting in the forum like this.

This isn't a bug but since most gamers here need a credit card to play and probably are over 18 how about removing the word filter? I feel like i'm playing on my parents computer and i'm a child again. Not only that the makers really took the filter too far banning words like ****** for example. Atleast turn it off in team chat, it makes adult conversations difficult.

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