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# 21 two hours and no victory!
03-08-2010, 07:52 PM
I think they may have to adjust this one. Spent 2 hours and only could get it to 20% even with avoiding hitting shards as a group.
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# 22
03-08-2010, 08:39 PM
My question is: If I don't do CE Fleet Action, am I missing any other missions by the mission giver? In other words, am I missing anything by not doing the mission.

I've followed the instructions and jumped from instance to instance just to find a group that will kill the thing, with or without my help, just to get this mission over and done with (a sad statement about the design of the Fleet Action and game, frankly). I've been a part of Instances that actually had the stupid thing down to 20%, only to watch it zoom back up to over 40%.

If you have to play a single battle for over 30 minutes, not making a dent in the thing, following appropriate tactics or not, then the problem isn't the players, it's with the designers. This thing is reading as a LC6 level Fleet Action. While it makes sense to require a significant number of players at LC through Cmdr levels to defeat it, including with certain tactics, Captains and Admirals at lower number of players should really be able to stomp the thing. But that's not what is happening. While higher level ranks should be able to stomp it and probably receive lower reward for being so much higher level, the fact is that LC6 level isn't what this thing is. It's Uber-Space Monster that even a Fleet of Captains or Admirals couldn't dent consistently for a period of time.

Yes, in a real world setting the battle MIGHT take hours. But, this is just a game. Even TV shows recognize that to keep the action moving, they need to shorten the length of events. This should be true of the game too. Even 10 minutes in a single battle MIGHT be too long, but not by much. 30 minutes is just rediculous.

If these designers can't do better, then they just need to find a different job.
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# 23
03-08-2010, 09:25 PM
I am quite frustrated with this. I think I'm on my 6th or 7th attempt. Only once have I been with a group that's gotten it down to 40% and then it all went to poop. I've read about strategy here. Read about it from other players while battling CE. Tried to explain the stratgey to others while battling CE. This needs to be a challenge, not practically impossible.
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# 24
03-09-2010, 01:16 AM
maybe it will go faster down when a group of assault-cruisers working together an doing torpedoruns as mentioned above a few posts earlier. i am eager to try it out, cause made good experience with this tactic.
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# 25
03-09-2010, 05:27 AM
Does nobody even bother to look at the previous pages. It's explained how to EASILY beat this encounter with just LTCs OR high level characters.

With 10 or more people, I can guarantee a kill in less than 10 minutes once we start my strategy. If people can't be bothered to avoid fragments while DPSing OR team up with players in Science ships that bring the RIGHT skills, then that's not the designers fault. That's the players' fault.

Like I've said before, 1 CPT or ADM properly outfitted in a sci ship can singlehandedly scramble lock the CE and fragments. However, it CAN be done with ANY 4 LTCs in sci ships and the properly trained BOs with a coordinated rotation. 4 LTCs scrambling CE and frags, everyone DPSing it down.

This SHOULD be considered the "suggested" strategy, it requires teamwork and coordination among a group to CC the fragments, while everyone uses the PROPER weaponry to down the CE.

Seriously, bring the proper equipment, BOs, and skills to the fight. If you do that, then you WILL beat it. The CE is the first taste in STO of requiring either specialized ships and officer skills OR perfect execution by EVERY member.

I have also laid out everything you need to know about the CE in this thread (3rd post):
Crystalline Entity FAQ
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# 26
03-09-2010, 02:25 PM
Hansbrix, thanks for putting together a great strat. I absolutely believe it will work. However, as there's no way to keep either saboteurs or idiots out of these open encounters, I believe that it behooves Cryptic to find a way to create a game environment which takes into account poor behavior on the part of others. Others have suggested closed instances - but it's not really a fleet action then.

I believe there were outdoor raid bosses in WOW that would give you an instant kill debuff if you died to them. In STO, it could be some kind of phase shift for x minutes (like 5-10) where you might even be able to get credit for the kill. Or, a stacking debuff that kicks you out of the instance if you screw up x amount, etc.

Until then, it seems you have to just keep hoping that you can find a good group of people who can play well together by chance. It's horrible when you get it to below 20%, and 1 lowbie can show up and unwind all that work in a couple of minutes.
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# 27
03-11-2010, 08:51 AM
Originally Posted by Maxxi
Well then, you need some tips. Share these simple rules around and maybe we can start beating the damn thing.

OK. The shards:
Normal shards: Do not heal it, just do a lot of damage to you. Killing them does NOT damage the entity.
Large shards: Released when the entity is below 30% health. These act like normal ones except that when they die they release Small shards (see below) which is BAD.
Small shards: Return FAST to the entity and heal it for around .5% each?

So you can see that breaking large shards is BAD if we want to kill the entity.
And since the normal ones don't affect it's health, we don't need to kill those either.

This leads to one conclusion:
AVOID Normal and Large shards. Avoid large ones at ALL costs. Don't forget evasive manuevers, jam sensors, etc.
The shards have no weapon other than ramming. This means that you can out-run them. And that you should do.
If you see a small shard, KILL it, making sure first that you don't end up maneuvering into a collision course with other shards by doing this. Nothing worse than going after a small shard, hitting a large one and releasing 3 more!

How do I avoid them?
You have power presets, and you can manually change them in the 3rd viewing option. Do this now.
Set full power to your engines, this will speed you up, even a cruiser can out-run them in this setting.
Yes you'll do less damage to the entity with your energy weapons, but by avoiding the large shards, you will heal it less. If it can't heal, and we keep pounding it, it will die.
As well, try to circle in the same direction as everybody else. Think of an ice rink, if you go the other way, you'll likely bump into someone. In this case, shards. Bad times.
Don't forget to keep an eye on things around you and in fornt of you. Turn early away from shards. They turn fast. Up and down are your friends. Left and rigth either take you out of firing range, or towards more shards.

You set mines, a group of large ones fly into them, you've just released about 10% hp back towards the entity via small shards, and you won't kill them all in time.
NO mines =]

So what have we learnt?
Ignore the shards, fire on the entity.
If you are in range of small ones, fire. A single torp can take out 3 since they fly so close together.
Set engines to full.
Circle in the general direction everyone else is, it does help calm things down.
NO mines.

Spread the word. We have to work together for this one.
If you see someone just sat still shooting shards, whisper them and tell them off! lol. (calmly)

I believe this information is correct. Message me if I'm wrong at all and I'll correct it.
Please do this and let others know to do it too. I really want to be able to start killing the thing.

Engines, Circle, Shoot entity, ignore shards, Entity goes boom, me happy, you happy, we're all happy.

Thanks for reading =]
LOL!! Best Boss strat ever

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