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03-11-2010, 09:20 AM
Originally Posted by LordTareq View Post
Some observations of my own:

1. Resorting to the cheap combo of Scramble Sensors / Subnucleonic beam + Viral Matrix doesn't mean you can actually destroy anyone and anything in your path like a godly being of utter ruin and destruction. Fleeing in your BoP after you find the cruiser still at 40% hull when VM runs out results in a well deserved "lol" from me. Seriously you can't be that bad.
I've seen results fairly similar to what you've said. Some BoP pilots have enough DPS to chew through a hull fairly quickly, while others have such a **** poor DPS that they have to chain for over a minute. The bad ones tend to peel off and run when they burn their CC's and realize that its not working

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