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I was pretty worried about The Infected instance after reading the forums and hearing about all the hard times people have had with this instance after the virus patch. I have done the instance when you didn't have to upload the virus, and tonight I thought I would try it again with a PUG and see how hard it actually is.

So I found myself grouped up with White, Slugathor, Riker and Locutus Of Borg. The only person in this group that had done it WITH the virus upload was Locutus Of Borg. Riker and I have done it before the patch and I think Slugathor and White didn't get to kill the queen.

White provided Vent and we all took advantage of it. Locutus Of Borg knew how to pull all the trash mobs without getting roamers and showed us how to easily go thru the instance with barely any wipes (I think we only had 1-2 and that's just because someone pulled early, no biggie).

But when we got to the Queen's room we used the 2 in the middle clearing ahead of the 3 on the platforms. This worked GREAT! There were times, where someone would get stuck in the shield or I would fall in the acid. But even with those mistakes we still had enough time to complete it and kill the Queen. On our 3rd attempt we were on fire! We where way ahead of the timer and killed the queen with no problems!

So after hearing all those negative comments from people in game and on the forums you just have to remember these things…
Every MMO I have raided in you have had to do things like jump, move out of the fire, watch buffs, and do things within a certain amount of time. STO is no different. Sure it has bugs, but I have also played other MMOS that have had ALOT more bugs than The Infected.

Communication is KEY for this instance, without it you WILL have a hard time. And that results in people dropping group and people just not liking the encounter at all. If you use Vent/TS and coordinate pulls, and coordinate what people need to do in the Queens room, then you will not have a hard time with it.
But if you just go in there and everyone is doing their own thing, you will not get far and it will be a rough ride.

This is an MMO, you will have to interact with other people if you want to advance, get rare items, and see end game content. I am not a people person but I know if I want to “raid” then I will have to do these things. And this is no different from any other MMOS I have played and if you wanted to do end game content.

There are MANY forum posts that help people in this instance. Before I went in there I watched and read all the things I could find. A little research about what other people have gone thru only helps you!
I watched TheGladiator videos when he put up the video on how to beat the encounter after you upload the virus and I also watched the jumping video just for kicks. But while I was watching that video I had no idea that holding down the space bar would do a higher jump! I was used to other mmos, and didn’t even realize I could do that in STO. I felt like such a noob! LOL

So in the end if you want to have fun, find people that want to use TEAMWORK, people that have patience, understanding, and most of all people that want to have fun!

Thanks again to TheGladiator for the great videos! And to White, Slugathor, Riker and Locutus Of Borg for a kick azz Infected run!

I didn't get a group picture but I did get a picture my little alien! :p

P.S. I am not great at posting stuff like this so be kind, because I am sure my grammar just blows!

P.S.S. If you want to see TheGladiator's videos:
Rebecca Simmons Boss Video (virus upload):
Advanced Jumping Tutorial
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03-10-2010, 11:32 PM
Awesome story.

We completed Infected earlier this evening, and it was my favorite run yet. I got locked in the shield twice, which in hind sight was pretty hilarious. I'm really sorry I didn't fraps that, to show people how to recover.

When we were shooting the middle generator, it had a SLIVER of health left, and the shield went up. A split second after the shield went up, the generator exploded. The range of emotions we felt for that one second was priceless. It was like "ohhhhhhhhhhh my god nooooooooooo" and a half second later "YES! Oh my god yessssssssss!".

I'm glad the videos helped you. I'm looking forward to the next STF!
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03-11-2010, 01:38 AM
Well done and well said. lol, I did'nt know about the space bar hang time ethier till I watched the vid :p
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03-11-2010, 01:48 AM
Awesome. Good to read something positive for a change! Glad you had fun, and thanks for the links. I didn't know about the jumping either!

TheGladiator, thanks for making those vids!
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03-11-2010, 02:11 AM
I hate to be the downer in this thread so fast…..But…..I am one of the people that has issues with the mission in the first place. Over all I like the mission. However, I still think it’s too hard for this set up meaning; you’re asking 5 people that for the most part that have no idea how to play the game well nor less play well in a group of people they don’t know. Your almost always have one or more jerks that says he know what he’s doing only to come find out later he didn’t have a clue. Now you want then to use their brains? Come on your asking a lot. I seen TheGladiator stuff and to be honest it was very helpful, insightful and at times entertaining.
Here’s what I have seen happen. You spend time waiting to join a team. Why? Because, the mission doesn’t work well without the right fit of people. So you have to wait to join a team or wait to build the team. Ok then there’s the mission it’s self. Once you get to the main room you have this 5- 10 min chat where you all talk just outside the room, about what is going to happen. Problem is it never actually happens as planed. So now people are getting cranky and you lose your first member of the team. Now you have to go and get a new person that will fit the team. More time lost. You repeat this process about 5 – 6 times now ya lost most of the original team to frustration and cry babies. Why is it so hard to see that this mission isn’t conducive to the general public having fun with it. Yes I agree there are those who can team up with their friends that they play with on a regular basis and do well. I have seen it. It looks like fun. But it’s not happening in the real world. There’s some issue that have been brought up by many that I believe would help this mission to be better. That my option looking forward to your responses.
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03-11-2010, 10:06 AM
I do agree that the difficulty level was a little extreme considering the game is VERY easy to level up in. I won't deny that! lol

And yes, the taking the time and looking for the right mix of people does suck, but in the end I was glad I did it!

If anyone wants to run and I am online, look me up! (If im not saved to the infected)!

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