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# 1 Various Bugs and Annoyances
03-11-2010, 12:26 PM
1) Harmoni- quest line is where my husband and I are getting stuck on- each time we try to find an anomaly then we go to join and it puts us in different ones even when we click the “Join Name” each and every time, this is annoying and needs to be fixed or explained to me how join the same one at the same time, we spend 15 minutes just to get to do one.

2) PVP- que’s need addressing- I have no idea what I am doing or what the heck we are to do or if we are joining one that has high level ships in them. Also the one with the Borg’s is bugged so bad Lt rank 5 , the beams are way over done – you can’t move nor defend yourselves, this one stinks to the heavens the way it is set up now. The time and the amount already joined is very confusing please think about fixing that panel.

3) PVP Ground missions- why do you even have these? You join the que wait then you get beamed down and as your spawning the opposing team is ganking you, forget re-spawning same thing. Also it is unbalanced (Bugged) in numbers it is only beaming my husband and I down and no other players except for a full opposing team, ya I think I am godly but there is no way I can take on 6 other players when I am put into combat before fully reloading in then die instantly to re-spawn and be killed instantly again? WtF? This is fun how? Crosses fingers and hope it is just bugged.

4) You also need to fix the comparison of items that thing is so bugged it’s not even funny, just remove it completely, the Dps and actual dps comparison is borked I have no idea what I am equipping. The whole dps and items is so confusing as it is I have no idea what does what even reading it I need to be some kind of scientist or trek fan my husband has a bit easier time with it because he is such a trek nut but some of it is off the wall.

5) Officers- ok I think this needs to be looked at also –I went to add my second tier say tach beam 2 and my officer learned it but I do not have the move anywhere only the Tach 1, also it said I learned the ability Rapid Fire 3 which I can train my officers but it did not say how I teach or where and no where do I have the ability to do so. Is this bugged ?


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