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03-11-2010, 02:13 PM
Originally Posted by Girochen View Post
And, of course, no one that reads these forums have ever made a mistake, or even a series of mistakes. Every one of us, EVERY ONE, balances our checkbook without ever having to make an adjustment. Our taxes are perfect, our car maintenance record is spotless, we have never had an accident, our children have never been blamed for something we did, we never did anything to upset our parents.... gee whiz, why can Cryptic be like we were, perfect in every way?

Get over yourself. It is the internet. Heck, the biggest games around still have down time that is not planned after how many years? Patience is a Virtue. It is the responsibility of all right thinking people to be Virtuous. Join the crowd.
Get over yourself. People pay money to play a game, they expect it to work. Cryptic gets paid to work on the game and make sure it works. Nobody pays you to balance your checkbook, or maintain your car, or do your taxes. But if you pay someone to handle your accounting, fix your car or do your taxes and THEY screw up, which causes you to lose any amount of money or time, do you just roll over and say "eh people make mistakes."?

It is the responsibility of people to take care of what they are paid and expected to do. I'm a psychologist and if I misdiagnose one of my students, that their parents are paying me to take care of, you think the parents are just going to let it slide and be patient. That's an extreme and I have malpractice insurance which I thankfully never had to use, but nobody likes to feel taken advantage of. So if people want to vent their frustrations don't complain and either read it or don't.

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