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# 1 BO skills at the trainer
03-11-2010, 04:10 PM
I would like to see that the skills u can buy at the skill trainer are sorted in ground or space skill and engineer, science or tactical too. Plus on a side note, there's a skill in the list called Cannon: Rapid fire I that's there twice, but 1 has the info of Cannon: scatter volley I and acts as that skill, but it's named wrong.

I would also like to see more detailed information on the skills in ur own skill list, rather then a vague, examples this skill affects r these skills..... I want to know all the skills the skill affect. And how it affects it. With how much points will the skill be affected or how stronger it gets, or sumthing. make it a right click info menu if need be.

Just sum ideas of which i hope cryptic will adjust.

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