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03-11-2010, 02:34 PM
Originally Posted by STObee
Welcome to Federation Online!

Klingons are here to provide challenging entertainment for Feds because, as we all know, there is ZERO challenge to STO PvE. The need for Klingons will disappear with FvF. The need to play Klingon will also disappear. Everyone that wants to be a Klingon can be a FEDERATION Klingon, they will get Fed PvE and they can PvP. At that point why submit yourself to the Klingon grind, just so you can fly the cool Klingon ships, wear "Klingon" clothing and get Tribbles to screach at you?

Maybe Cryptic wil give free memberships to Klingon only players or pay the incarcerated 50 cents an hour to play Klingon. That is what I see as the future of the Klingon faction.

But hey, maybe the mythical 45-day update will be all that and then some. Sure would be nice to win the lottery too.
You forgot the part where Klingons are suppose to die in a blaze of glory , only surpassing in speed that at which Ai , die in PvE. For the glory and ego padding that is the Federation player.

P.S : Cryptic really needs to run that in the advertisment for this game, it might spur sales.
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03-12-2010, 03:57 AM
Originally Posted by Mike111
We used to get much more exp for pvp. It was nerfed into the ground. The nebula's and expanses are just copies of each other with different ships. They are boring. Yes increase the exp 10 or 100 fold please until there is some real content.

T1 there were no feds to fight even during prime USA time. Puzzling or alarming, or both. Either nobody new is buying the game or low level feds are not into pvp.
Funnily enough, I bought my copy a few days ago and the guy behind the counter was shocked and said "you know this is the first copy we've sold?"... and this was from a large and popular hifi store in my area.

I don't understand what the logic was behind forcing everyone to start a fed toon and only giving the option of creating a Klingon toon once you've played your fed toon to a certain level... it's basically forcing us to play the faction with the most variety and options as you can choose to PVE or PVP and not pigeon holed into one aspect of an MMO, and then given the opportunity to play a faction who may as well not even exist when you compare what you get out of being a Klingon as opposed to a fed. As a fed you can PVE and/or PVP. As a Klingon you can PVP or... PVP.

I always play the bad guys whenever the option is there, so was disappointed when i was forced to play a fed until a certain point, only to find out that the Klingons were neglected by Cryptic as there is no such thing as choice or options when playing a Klingon... Is there even a point in having a Klingon game play discussion board when all there is to do as a Klingon is PVP?

What's wrong with having both factions on equal grounds, giving BOTH the option of either being PVP'ers or PVE'ers, or both even...

May as well rename the faction to the NERF Empire. The introduction could be... "Hey! Do you like to PVP? Excellent! Because that's all you're going to do in the NERF Empire! You're not going to have it half as good as the FED's and you'll always be outnumbered in PVP (even though you're the pure PVP faction), but hey, at least you get to be a bad guy and fly cool looking ships! Welcome to NERF! Prepare to be WTFPWND!"

Why would anyone want to play a Klingon when there is absolutely nothing in the Klingon faction that is appealing? Especially after playing the fed side first (by force). Aapart from the fact that you get to be a "bad guy", there's no other reason why anyone would want to play a Klingon over a fed, unless they were hard core PVP'ers to the point where they are more than happy to do nothing but PVP, including a PVP leveling grind (which I didn't find very appealing). But even then, you can be a hard core PVP'er on the FED side, which gives you many more options and choices that the Klingon faction is lacking.

What do you get as a Klingon that the FED's don't get? NOTHING! What do you get as a FED that the Klingons don't get? EVERYTHING! Not a hard choice to make...

And to think that the Horde use to QQ all the time because they felt the Alliance faction was favored by the devs... This is far worse than any Alliance vs Horde issues WoW ever had. It's a shame too because the only reason I wanted to play STO in the first place was because I had the option of playing a Klingon. But there is nothing to do as a Klingon unless you find a repetitive PVP leveling grind appealing.

Hopefully the game will hold my interest for a little while longer while they do something about balancing the factions... good thing i didn't tell my dad and brothers to pick up the game yet cause I wouldn't have heard the end of it lol.

If the Klingons were a race that really existed as they do in the Star Trek world, I think Cryptic would be in serious trouble as I am sure they'd be pretty offended by the effort (or lack of) they've put into building the Klingon Empire.
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03-12-2010, 04:52 AM
I tell you one thing, when i entered tier 5 pvp, i didnt recognise half of the beam weapons that the feds were using. I still dont know what half of them are. The feds are all armed to the teeth with purple gear....took a while to get over the shock of how lethal some of it is.

Shields.....erm....didnt i have shields a moment ago?
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03-12-2010, 04:58 AM
Purple is polaron :-))) and its mostly because you can get some rare polaron stuff from memory bank alpha.

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