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# 1 gathering opinion on the pvp
03-12-2010, 05:12 PM
before all I excuse for my poor English.
I create this topic to gather the opinions of all player on the pvp

I find that certain skill kills the strategy of the pvp by their too big importance in comparison with others

example: reversse shield polarity, viral matrix, feedback pulse...

it's more true as much as in spite of me there pvp when one see 1 klingon, have saw them all because having all of the same shape of skill for the majority and is the case for the federation also

another important problem concerns the skill feedback pulse which aventage klingon very too much has reason that cruiser and scientific vessels of the confederation can be efficient only with beam

certain cruiser and scientific vessels begins has use turret of to counter problem but it's a big loss of dps for them has reason that skill cannon is skill level LT and for beam is only eisign

a balancing of skill is therefore for me very important to prevent that every player is alike (who belongs almost case in instant) and to give again a more strategical aspect in game

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