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# 1 Fleet bank looting
03-12-2010, 05:26 PM
"Fleet ManagementSTO has a pretty extensive fleet system, and like many other games, fleets operate within their own management structure.

We take a hands-off approach to fleet management. Our expectation is that fleet leaders can set the expectations for behavior within the fleet, and have disciplinary measures available to them via the fleet management tools. If an officer or a leader is unhappy with the actions taken by a fleet member, they are perfectly welcome to remove the player from their fleet.

In the GM department, we actually do receive a fair amount of tickets where mismanaged fleets are asking for GMs to reverse the damages. Unfortunately that's outside the scope of things we can help with. Here are the two primary examples:

A member of a fleet will be granted access to the bank, and will remove more items than the fleet leader would have preferred. From our perspective, the player did not violate any policies, as the leader is responsible for setting the daily bank withdrawal limits.
This one is the ultimate /facepalm. All fleet leaders (you can have as many as you like) effectively have super-admin access over their fleet, including the ability to demote other leaders. It's not uncommon that we'll see a dispute between two leaders end with one demoting or kicking the other. Not a violation, from the GM perspective. Giving someone leadership effectively gives them the right to take away your leadership if they so choose.

Our goal is to allow fleet leaders to manage their fleets the way they want, knowing that we won't interfere with their business.

That's some of the stuff we've been seeing lately. We’ll have more updates for you pretty soon, but I just wanted to check in and give everyone a brief window into life in the customer service department.

-GM Destra"

So what happens when your patch resets fleet bank restrictions? You do nothing? Well you responded your CS said i must have been confused? I submitted the ticket three times you resolved it three times. I have yet to be contacted as i requested, by a GM- Do you want to save 25 accounts? If not- thats fine- iam tired of your (Crptic does not need you as a customer approach)- you have ignored me for long enough- How many customers have you lost, do you care?


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