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Posting here for two reasons: To let cryptic know about a bug that I'm sure they're aware of, and to vent after receiving my customer service response to my in game ticket.

A few days ago I purchased 3 BO's with my Klingon character. I've been avidly checking the KDF BO's for certain abilities that are rare for KDF so when I saw these 3 BO's I flipped out and bought them as fast as I could. It turns out the all 3 BO's are Federation, so I can't use them to train or join my crew. I've never even considered that I could purchase opposite faction BO's on the exchange because I (up to that bug) couldn't even see their space abilities. Obviously the exchange was bugged that day because I was able to view the federation space abilities, so I assumed they we KDF.

I opened a ticket that a GM turned into a bug report. I opened another ticket that was escalated to Customer Service. Their response, in so many words, was: "We are looking into the issue but not granting refunds. BO's are clearly marked and can be traded between factions although only usable by required faction."

Well Cryptic, why would I even need to cross-reference their faction to make sure my purchase was correct, when up until that point I couldn't even view opposite factions space powers. Common sense dictates I can't use a federation BO on my KDF character so what would be the point of me trying to mail/use them across factions.

I opened one final ticket explaining that I'm upset that I'm out the credits due to the exchange being bugged that day. This is the 2nd time I'm out credits for a bug. The first was the typo that's yet to be fixed on the Federation Science Vessel's descriptions. They have the Recon Sci Vessel showing the turn rate of the Deep Space Sci ship and vice-versa. I purchased the Deep Space first due to this typo, opened a ticket explaining the mis-purchase being Cryptics fault and the response was the same "We're not refunding credits". My character's have millions in credits, so the money isn't the issue. The issue is the GM's and Customer Service having the ability or the will to correct their mistakes and keep me happy as a player. So, as I explained in the final ticket, I'm giving one more chance for a reasonable resolution to my problem or I'll not renew my subscription. Customer service is job one for any company, Cryptic needs to understand that a few hundred thousand measly credits to keep a player happy can equal hundreds of dollars in real money in revenue over years of a subscription. I'm by no means trying to teach them a lesson, they can handle issues however they please whether it makes sense or not. Being realistic I'm sure that I'll get the same response to my final ticket so I've already started looking at the many other cool games to play for my gaming fix.

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