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# 1 Kai - T4 Science Officer
03-14-2010, 09:56 AM
Looking for a highly organized and well established fleet for Ground/Space PvP combat. I am seeking a fleet with a reliable vent server and website preferably. I also prefer to avoid Fleet drama and immaturity so if your group is saturated with it please do not consider me for your fleet.

I'm currently Captain Grade 2 and moving along quickly. In space I take a DPS/CC Role with some team healing capabilities. On ground I take on a purely healing role. I am flying in a BOP with 2x Disruptor DHCs and a Quantum Torp up front with 2x Disruptor Turrets in the back. If you want to know about load-outs, BO's, or skills please ask me. I have significant experience in highly competitive and team-oriented games including Planetside, WoW, and WAR to name a few recent ones.

The ideal fleet for me would be a small group of about 5-20 members that are active, have a strong understanding of game mechanics and situational awareness, and are highly competitive.

Please contact me if you are interested and have a spot within your fleet.


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