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Hello fellow gamers!

Before I even start, I do know that this is NOT the place to post this, but I didn't know where to go expect I knew that you were the community that could see the wonder in this story.

My dear friend has a son who is a Sr. in High School and he has autism. He is mainstreamed in a small christian private school and is even the teacher's assistant and grades the paper. He is brilliant at many things, but can't remember how to set the table for dinner. He is currenlty working on breaking the slot machines codes through mathematical calculations and probability - he has a "rainmain" ability in numbers - he beat an entire Suduko book and set goals for one hour and no cheats or hints. I have shown below some of the stuff he does in blue.

He loves to play comptuter games that he the does something over and over again and I was thinking maybe a game tester or something to do with computers. His parents have no idea what kind of job he could do to earn money so he can take care of himself once they are gone.

So I am asking all of you if you have some suggestions. At this time, he would need to work from home and the goal would be maybe go into an office 1-2 days per week some day. He lives in the San Francisco Bay Area in California.

Please don't spam this and please bump it if you feel the STO and larger gaming community can help.

§ Has perfect pitch. Able to hear a song and play it on the piano with no sheet music. Able to identify up to 4 notes played on the piano without looking.

§ Played a difficult piano piece. Told the teacher he had practiced. (He had never played it before.)

§ Able to identify a DVD that is a copy because it was 1 octave higher and 2 minutes shorter in length.

§ Walked into a room in the movie theatre. Sat down and knew the total number of seats in the theatre room. ( 20 seconds)

§ Able to determine what cellular service an individual has when he dials that individual by the sound and its ring tone. Can tell what phone number you are dialing by the sounds of the buttons you are pushing.

§ On hand held slot machine games: i.e. three “7’s across” or “Bar, Bar, Bar”, Ryan sees and times the spinning wheel to stop where he wants it.

§ In Class: walked up to teacher’s desk. Read test questions upside down and memorized them. (10 seconds)

§ Weather: looks at clouds, color and formation. Knows the weather, hail or rain and the degrees.

§ When Ryan was in day care in the first grade, he noticed that there was a little light bulb on the “racer type” of Christmas lights out. While the lights were racing, he was able to identify which light was out.

§ At arcades, Ryan is able to determine when to push the button on the racing lights game so he wins a large number of tickets.

§ Remembers names and addresses of classmates from school first grade on up.

§ When riding in a motor vehicle, Ryan knows the streets and directions. Knows how fast you are driving without looking at the speedometer. Knows what freeway you are even though he has never been on that freeway at all. Can tell you how many cars are on a passing train.

§ Noticed planes changing direction of landing and take off during weather changes. Knows which airline and flight by the time.

§ Watching fireworks 2 miles away at Disneyland at ground level. He knew the direction of the fireworks in the park (behind display).

Thank you, Lt. Grace

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