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03-14-2010, 03:31 PM
usually it is specailly those that just post about the problem but never do anything of the instructions they are given
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03-14-2010, 09:19 PM
Escuse me.... this is not a flame post please I am trying to get my stuff working so deep breath step away from keyboard.

OK here is everything I tried

Disabled Firewall & AV, Did something with disabling something on the wireless modem, and the wireless is now caput, so I am plugged into my router, had some success online tonight, a whole hour of only being botted once for game server not responding

I downloaded the nettest, posted the results ( this was before I was able to play.)

I am leary about downloading more and more programs to my already battered system, since this is an experiment to see whats wrong and not a cure I am really hesistant, since the last posting I read about a similar problem sent me to a sight I would have had to pay for the itme for it to work.

I was palnning on dumping all of my files and restarting everything from the gorund up, but my wife slapped me in the head and said think about how long that will take, and that might not be the problem.

I did disable all non windows items to see if that was the cause of my misfortune it was not. Since then I reenabled most, and went on an uninstall spree dumping some of the game I do not play anymore.

In the end, I have been able to log on, for roughly an hour. I am not thrilled with this as I am a vegatable in front of the computer and can spend hours on end playing a game. I will keep looking for more solutions to the unable to authenticate and server not responding problems, but not holding breath for a cure to the issue.

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