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# 1 Feedback on "New Link"
03-15-2010, 06:18 AM
A few things strike me as weird in this episode, particularly how badly the dominon have been portrayed.

Let's get the simple things out of the way first, Laas is spelt wrong throughout the episode, it's Laas. Two As, one S.

Secondly, this is what he looks like:
Not the generic "shapeshifter of the week" that's currently in use. He looks alien, not changeling, although an incomplete alien.

Thirdly, the Jem'hadar chatter... they don't, at all. They're soldiers, and unlick most soldiers these ones are genetically engineered to be Perfect soldiers, so they wouldn't chatter on about "ohh, do my scales flake" and "oh, it's so hot out here"

Fourthly... The jem'hadar have never worshipped founders by kneeling and bowing to them, that's just weird.

Finally, Jem'hadar are born in incubation chambers that are in the hatcheries, Deep Space Nine found an infant in one of these once, they weren't born out of eggs, that's just wrong...

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