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03-15-2010, 09:24 AM
Originally Posted by Akwartz
I wouldn't mind Klingons being a PvP only faction, but for that to be viable we would need a permanent battlefield with stuff to capture and conquer, more maps and game modes, better itemization and alternate ways to improve your character by killing players only.
QFT. I would like Cryptic to really start being serious about the KDF as the "PvP faction. Right now, and moreso if they introduce FvF, KDF is the PvP faction only in the sense that it has no reasonable PvE.
If, OTOH, Cryptic started developing better, more immersive, PvP for the KDF (and in general), I think this would be great.

I have no issues with having a "PvP Faction". But "PvP Faction =/= PvE-less Faction".

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