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I have used the search function but could not find anything on this so here goes...

I have looked at this for a while and coming from a strong MMO backfground I am wondering if this is a bug or design issue or perhaps something else.

When one looks at your ship stats i.e Defense, Movement and Attack I certainly get the impression that the data is not displaying correctly and could definately be improved upon in its current form.

Attack for example, no matter how much is leveled or what equipment foes on your ship crit stays at 2.5% chance and Crit severity at 50%... LOL what the hell!.

Now I have been on the PTS and respeced with the newer skills such as Attack vectors and after those points are spent the stats do change.

Issues are as far as I can see
  • Does Equipment affect the stats in an overall manner? meaning that stats on uncommon and above items do acumulate to a final calculation.
  • If they do why doesn't the information reflect so when the data is viewed?
  • Do other abilities and general ranking up increase statistics at all, do lower level ships become easier to hit or do higher level ships become harder to hit and have more resistance?
  • More information regarding ships abilities and systems would be nice, such as power transfer level figures, hit percentage at a set velocity, shield regen rates if affected by other skills, Weapon damage based on skills and equipment (Projectiles and Energy).

I guess what im trying to point out is that I would like to see the improvements gained when I get that Rare Mk X Dual Phaser Cannon with Crit sev and Crit chance. Same with consoles which can also effect tanking and working out a good balance between firepower (agro) and damage reduction capability.

I do enjoy the game and as end game content is rolling out and things become more difficult it is useful to know where your ships stands in the scheme of things and where improvement can be made.

Anyways if I have got it wrong I apologise but this to me just seems like something that needs to be corrected and beefed up.

What do you think?

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