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# 1 Tribble rage
03-15-2010, 02:05 PM
its not far that not only can a tribble can give players a buff let alone players can bread them. when proud Torg owners like my self get squat out the deal dont get a buff cant breed then i cant even pet the thing thx cryptic for once agen short changeing us klingons

lol stig ... said like a tipucle fed only intrested in your self if you have not noiticed worf want to be us klingons have been short changed from the start of the game and the tribble thing is just one more item in a long line. if we dont make post on these maters for decutions rather then ur oh look at me bla bla name calling things will not change and cryptic will not understand our point of veiw as for me QQing lol if thats what you think you might need to learn to read as bad as i need to learn to spell =p

dimadman lol nice and yes i did state my spelling sucks =)

dekk thx for the breeding info that is nice to know. but it is sort of a deal when one player gets a buff when a nother can not how ever small it gives player one an advanteg and that makes the game unbalenced

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