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I have recently heard a rumor that Cryptic was going to remove Turret Weapons from Science Vessels and Cruisers because they are technically, "Cannon" Weapons. Personally, I disagree with this decision (if it is true) and here is why.

Quite honestly, I find this to be a significant nerf to Science Vessels who are operating in a Debuff/Immobilization type role. For my particular build/strategy, this would drastically decrease my DPS and limit my Tactical BO skills to Tactical Team and Mine Skills since Tricobalts are unaffected by High Yield and Torpedo Spread skills.

I am currently running Two Dual Beam Banks and a Tricobalt Mobile Device Launcher up front and Three Turrets in rear. I use Tetryon Beams and Turrets. Without Turrets, I would lose a significant portion of my combat ability, enabling only the use of 2 Beam Banks and 1 Turret when facing the Target. My strategy depends on me facing the target, thus why it is so important that I equip Turrets in the rear.

I understand that Turrets are an, "Escort" thing, however I find that eliminating Turrets from Science Vessels and Cruisers may limit methods in combating certain enemies and remaining competitive in PvP. One major disadvantage I see as a result of this, is no real way to counter Feedback Pulse in PvP as a Cruiser (Science Vessels can use Viral Matrix).

If I may make a suggestion here, if it is absolutely important that Turrets be removed from Science Vessels and Cruisers, please add rear mountable beam weapons that can fire front-ward; so as not to limit players creativity in strategy due to the lack of variety in weapon types. I do not understand how any such decision would make the game more fun or balanced in anyway (especially since Turrets are the weakest weapon type in the game).

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