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# 1 1 Klingon, 5 bugs (with video)
02-02-2010, 06:12 PM
Here's a video clip I made exhibiting 5 bugs. The main one I wanted to highlight is the one where, in ground combat, you get exposed and are unable to move for 10 seconds.

http://thepurge.net/public/sto-bugs.wmv (right click, save as)

First segment

Here you can see I've had some kind of "UI lockout". I can't shoot or use any abilities (bug #1).

You can see the lingering visual effects of an engineer weapon disable even though the debuff is long gone (bug #2).

I've never seen bug #1 before today's patch, though that might be a coincidence.

At the end I die and respawn into...

Second segment

Here you can see I still can't use any abilities (bug #1, still) and in addition my shield indicator bar is empty and stays empty. I do actually have shields, as you can see me getting shot without taking health damage at first, but I can't see them (bug #3). I've hit this bug before independently of the first bug so I don't think they're connected.

Third segment

Watch closely my shield bar as I'm trading fire with that fed. I take a big hit, my shields go down, I take a second hit and my shields....go back up? I don't think shields are supposed to recharge if you keep getting hit. I see this all the time, though (bug #4). This is why it's so hard to kill anyone 1 on 1 without some kind of expose attack -- shields are improperly recharging while getting hit.

Finally, watch when he gets exposed. I stopped firing specifically to exhibit this bug. I've shot him with my stun pistol and caused an expose and also a hold that....lasts for the entire length of the expose? (bug #5) It was just a regular stun phaser pistol. I'm a Tactical and I don't have anything that should have held him for that long. I see this bug all the time, though -- any expose attack, regardless of the source, seems to have a high chance of causing the target to be held for the entire duration of the hold.

You can see a 20 second effect on him (I wish I'd moused over it) but I'm not sure that's related because...

Fourth segment

Here's another mystery "expose causes holds", from the perspective of the victim (me!). This time no new effect appears on my bar when I get exposed but I can't move and I get mysterious countdown bars on my screen. Granted this isn't conclusive but combined with the previous segment and the fact that this happens so very often there's clearly a bug ("feature"?) at work. Exposes are frequently, but not always, independently triggering holds that last for the duration of the expose. It is HUGELY frustrating. If that's an intentional feature, you may need to flog someone.

I don't have enough drive space to run FRAPS non-stop so the fact that I was able to easily capture two examples of this expose/hold bug in action should tell you something of how easy it is to reproduce. If this game had 1v1 dueling I'd duel someone and just trade non-stunning expose shots with various methods to try and reproduce it.

As for bug #1, I had a phaser pistol and a bat'leth equipped, if that helps. I noticed it when I suddenly couldn't use my pistol (weapons malfunction?), so I swapped to my bat'leth, couldn't use that either and ended up stuck with an inoperable UI for the rest of that match (I tried dying, swapping weapons, equipping a new weapon from my inventory and dragging a new power to the bar, but was still locked out).
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# 2
02-02-2010, 06:18 PM
Another bug is Klingon Birdge Officers do not display class badges on the skill screen, only the player's character. Instead it's just a blank white box.
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# 3
02-02-2010, 11:26 PM
Originally Posted by Lx31
Another bug is Klingon Birdge Officers do not display class badges on the skill screen, only the player's character. Instead it's just a blank white box.
Slingblade is maintaining a list of Klingon bugs and issues here:

I'd post it to that thread. In theory, it's the developer's one-stop-shop for addressing Klingon issues.

Assuming they ever see that thread, anyway.
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# 4
02-05-2010, 10:35 AM
i am starfleet and i have had bug #1 in space. it was an enemy signal contact and one certain ship that was stuck where it was next to an asteroid. i was sending multiple rapid torpedoes, quicker than i was suposed to, no abilities or beem weapons. but it could attack me just fine
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# 5
02-15-2010, 03:43 AM
Had all of those and more issues like
1. getting in a game that was already running 10vs (how hard can a cease fire period be to ensure all players are on the map before starting?)
2. Rifle Butt / Palm Strike spam those and you get the perfect stunlock once one lands with a 100% expose chance (didn't we had a knockback immunity for 2s or so in ob just to prevent that?)
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# 6
02-17-2010, 02:29 PM
Yeah, the 5 second rifle melee stun really needs to go, too.

It really makes martial arts / bat'leth combat pretty worthless. You run up to someone with your bat'leth, get stunned by rifle melee and while you're stunned he hits you with 5 more rifle melees, which exposes you and then you're dead.
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# 7
03-16-2010, 10:59 PM
o that's really good.. Don't know about the others but i like it too much....

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