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# 1 Murphy's Forum/Internet Laws
03-16-2010, 11:03 PM
1; No matter how low you have set the floor of 'stupidity' someone will find a way to force it to new depths.

2; The lie-to-truth ratio is approximately OVER NINE THOUSSSAAAAAAANNND to one.

3; A meme is not considered 'done to death' until someone actually dies of overexposure to it.

4; The stupidity of a response post is directly proportional to the amount of effort you spent carefully constructing your logical argument.

4.5; If you sufficiently overload the mind of a troll with too much logic the default response is somewhere between monosyllabic and 'ur mom' (known as the 'Your mom corollary')

5; Anonymity + Audience = fudge-wad

5.5; This is your brain, this is your brain on interwebs. (Known as the aspergers corollary)

6; Wikipedia; (n) an internet resource to fuel arguments with enough premises and techno-babble so as to redirect attention away from the inherent fallacies of the poster's argument.

7; TV-Tropes; (n) the definitive guide to life on the internet. (Known as the Hitchhikers Guide to the interwebs)

8; Originality is rarer than hens' teeth

9; If application of clever witty insults does not produce desired results, you aren't using enough vitriol.

10; The internet eats your life.

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