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# 1 Tier-5 space combat videos
03-17-2010, 08:42 AM
I originally posted this in the science-ship section of the forum, but I realized it's probably of more interest here in the general Combat area.

I made some recordings of combat using my Luna recon science vessel (admiral/T5). They show how easily it can defeat ships in regular exploration encounters, even after making the conscious decision to stop using Viral Matrix because it made the game way too easy. These aren't my best battles, just average ones I happened to record.

But one also shows how easily the Fed fleet rips apart borg.

In the first one's last encounter (battleship), notice I'm barely getting through the first pass when the ship pops. Even without VM-III, battleships are pretty trivial to destroy with a Recon Science Vessel. I'm curious how this compares to some of the other T5 ships.

B'Tran Cluster (HD res):

Borg DSE (480p):

B'Tran Cluster (480p):

And I've set them all to Wrath of Khan music.


So, anyone else have videos to share of their adventures? I'd love to see them!



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