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03-17-2010, 01:30 PM
Originally Posted by Manannan

Just kidding.

Seriously though how could you guys not expect the carrier bug to be fixed? Carriers were so OP it was ridiculous. The cloaking change though seems to basically negate battle cloak vs tacs not so sure about that one. I would have much preferred to see a FBP nerf, but im sure thats around the corner, FvF is going to be FBP city.
I didn't find the carrier thing being much of an issue other than for targeting. (before someone says, well you haven't faced 2+ doing it before) YES I HAVE

FBP - easily countered in many ways, mainly STOP SHOOTING, but yea, I'm sure it'll get nerfed, cus that concept escapes ppl as well what is being done to make FBP so deadly. (I laugh when FBP is used vs my cruiser/escort/sv actually)

Cloak - above and beyond "hate the player" towards 1 faction


Just kidding.
Honestly, I wish more people would. Brain = more than some squishy thing to keep the draft down between the ears...

I dont know what to say really. We have fought and fought, yet it has gotten us nowhere.
Sure it did... a lot of klingons are looking at other games to play...

I find it very odd, how Cryptic wanted to appease the Klingon players, or players who wanted to be Klingons, but lack of content / forced pvp dissuaded them, and then do this.
It's like giving them a sugar cube, only to smash them in the nads, and expect them to be thankful.

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