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# 1 The Plotnosian Conspiracy
03-18-2010, 01:49 AM
Cryptic displays talent in actually building up a intriguing story, and then cutting it off brutally without resolving anything or indeed ever mentioning it again.

For Example, We have Time Travel episodes early on, but the topic never gets revisited later. There was potential there. We did after all change the time line in minute ways so there was room for more stuff to happen. Heck, even going back in time to fix an error you made - complete with facing your own older self (complete with your ship/boff/item/setup from that time).

But it never got revisited.

Taris, Romulans, and the attack of the Plotholian entity.

So ,after a rather well made hunt for clues we find out that taris blew up hobus, for SOME reason that is never explained and that she was orderer by SOMEONE that is never revealed.
In fact we never hear about this incident EVEr again.

we just found THE Adolf Hitler/Stalin/Mao/Hellokitty of the 24/25th century.

A person who killed billions over billions of people.

We caught the person! And we revealed that the person in question was, like, a pet slave to someone else who planned it all!
And nothing happens!
You get a pad on the back and THATS it.
The universe should explode in an outrage, the romulans should be going batsh#t crazy over this! Heck, the Remans backed it too! WTF?!

And why do we never get a story relating to that, so we can find out who the hidden masters are, and shoot phasers at them?!

Hello? Very vital plot missing?

Instead we get send off to Cardassian space.

Space that is infested with hugeas# Fleets of evil Starfleet ships.

Like... Hundreds of ships.
Just hanging around there.

And we are treated to a bare bones story explaining that the Evil federation wants in to our universe.
But its never explained WHY they want in.

Or how they managed to get from ONE old space station and ONE small hero ship to a fully fledged EMPIRE with huuuge fleets. In like 80 years or so. All the while killing each other off for promotions and stuff.

Considering the whole cardassian/klink alliance thing that stood against them its quite a feat to do all that in that short amount of time.

I hear the plotnosian sneaking up....

So, that aside we also get a story about a rogue gul and rogue shape shifter.

So after we killed thousands of cardys and Jemhadar we finally arrive at the final battle against one of the instigators - Laas. You remember? That guy that could turn into fire, or smoke - like the effing dracula?
So what was up with him? He got bored of life? I just stood there while being shot at with phasers and did nothing at all. No shape shifting - nothing.

That could have been an epic battle. But it was like totally boring.

I mean sure they quickly turned on Laas and abandoned him, giving the whole "hey he acted solo, we got nothing to do with it!" speech - but only after we waded through hordes of jemharDUMB and stood right in front of them linkys, with phasers and grenades and orbital strikes at the ready.

They were totally a-ok with Laas right until the moment we stood before them, pointing phasers at them.
AHEM. Hypocrites much? They did nothing while he staged his little uprising.

HERE BE BORG! Yum Yum Yum. The plotholian entity is fond of them.

So, the Borg are back. And the klinks and feds have decided to join up against them.
But they really didn't. They are still shooting each other with great vigor at the other side of the map. Figuratively speaking.

And the Undine? Not here much? What do they want? I thought janeway fixed our relations back then when the got all chummy with the boothbie ripoff?

What about Taris' Dread masters? More like "not here" Masters.

so many loose ties.

The Plotnosian Conspiracy is upon us.

And why does Starfleet not provide purple photons/quantums/phasers?
Or at least Admrial grade photons?

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