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03-18-2010, 02:39 AM
Originally Posted by Tonenili
There is another thing Warhammer had. A huge playerbase at launch, that dwindled away in under a year to a shadow of it's former self, due to customers leaving over pvp imbalance, bugs, lack of content, etc.

The term is flash in the pan.

And They had time to develop the Pakleds.. the Pakleds? Seriously.. A Race with a grand total 3-4 episodes over 2 franchise series. Tat's what bothers us. Not working on key issues of a faction, but doing fluff no one asked for.

Hey your house is burning, your dog ran off, your daughters pregnant.. did you cut your hair?
Age of Conan is another great example of wasted potential. The game was supposed to garner alot of PvP following due to the more "active" style combat presented.

I was there when the game came out. The bugs, blatantly missing content, total lack of polish outside the beginning area / Tortage, imbalances, etc. were rampant. The game also had a HUGE following at the beginning, but once the honeymoon of Tortage went away, everyone saw *** for what it really was. Bug infested, imbalanced, nowhere near being complete. Even Sieges, the centerpiece of PvP presentation, didn't even work, and it still has alot of problems from what I hear. People left in droves and the game has never recovered. I hear the devs have put tremendous amount of work in the game, but nobody is around to enjoy it anymore.

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