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# 1 Crystalline Entity Hunt
03-18-2010, 10:18 AM
Okay, after trying time after time to kill the CE, I have finally decided to be a bit more proactive than just jumping for instance to instance to find a good one. I figure if I can't find a good instance, I'll just have to make one. How do I do this? Well, the only way I can think of is to organize a hunt for the CE at a specific time and date, with 3 - 4 teams working together in a single instance.

Having 15 - 18 players will assure that we can pop into an instance and not have to worry about a bunch of morons who can't read/follow instructions ruining it for us. Also, if we plan it right, we can pre-assign roles so that we all know exactly who is doing what before we even get there. (I.e. sci ships set a rotation schedule for scramble sensors, a couple of escorts for small crystal control.)

We can apoint communications officers in each team which is responsible for recieving the number of the instance we should join from somone scouting instances, and that officer would then communicate this with their team. That way we can garuntee everyone be together.

I am open to suggestions, so please give them. For now, I am going to put together a list of people who can commit to the hunt. We can decided a time later. I will edit this post with any new information and rules that we decide on, as well as new hunt members.

1. Unless otherwise stated, dps the Cyrstalline Entity
2. Do not engage large crystals
3. Know your role! And do it.
4. No one above Comander 3

All these rules can change based on your suggestions and general concensus.

Team 1

Team 2

Team 3

Team 4

(The reason for only having 18 team members is to assure that everyone get to go in together)

If you want to join, please include the following:

In-game Name
What kind of ship you plan on using

Name: Silen@LimoDriver
Rank: LtC 8
Class: Tactical
Ship: Escort

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