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03-18-2010, 06:37 PM
Originally Posted by STObee

What Cryptic should be doing:

- kissing Klingon butts, not the other way around
- dropping EVERYTHING that isn't Klingon related and rushing to put Kligon content (PvP and PvE) into the game (it may take 6-9 months of nothing but working on Klingon "priorities" just to get halfway to the Federation standard)
- place the entire "art department" on Klingon character/ship customization
- get their devs and executives on this forum to explain and appologize for the 45-day update specifically and the lack of Klingon content in general

Please note the preceeding

Patience is a virtue

We don't need any butt kissing, going either way. I also don't see why there is a need for an apology for our lack of content, it seems somewhat childish and selfish to desire such a thing when they are going to be giving us some new ship designs and more PvE content, even if that PvE content is nothing but the exploration stuff the Feds get (which I usually avoid at all costs, though know people who love it...for some reason).

I would rather PvP all day than do some PvE, that is just the kind of person I am. The fact we get an awesome new ground map has me excited! It should also be interesting to see the mechanics changes in play.


I can understand your desire to see them move all their focus to giving the Klingons content, but that just doesn't make sense from a company perspective. It isn't fair to the other players to put the rest of the game on hold just so Cryptic can give the Klingons more content a little bit faster.

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