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The recent changes to the UI do make it look smoother, so kudos to that.

But I would like to see the ability to create new chat windows. Not tabs but windows that I can pull off, so I can monitor guild chat in 1 window, combat spam in another, etc.

Also the UI is very drab color wise. The icons I saw from perpetual were amazing. Please condsider adding these back in. As it is, it is difficult to tell the difference between different skills sometimes, as the blue and white makes alot of them blend in together.

So please update the icons.

Oh and make it optional for those that DO like the current setup.

Reminds me of Original SWG currently, and it's kind of sad.

ALSO: PLEASE add the rewards to our episode list. I get so frustrated looking back at the multiple episodes I have and not being able to tell what my rewards are. This is something pretty basic nowadays.
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03-02-2010, 06:38 AM
I agree with that , toggling tabs you have to go back and forth on tabs to see fleet chat/ zone chat etc. one or 2 more windows would be perfect and be tons better. I havent heard anything going on with it. If anyone knows if this is possible or in the works please reply.
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03-18-2010, 06:20 PM
I think it'd be extremely handy to be able to disconnect tabs from the main chat window.

The best example I can think of is **** or Eve. The extreme versatility of their HuD is awesome.

My main thinking behind this is that, I don't want to ignore Zone or Global, but it's just complicated to keep up with the slower pace of Fleet and custom Channels when you have the traffic of a Zone or Global Channel scrolling so fast. But, when I put Zone and Global in another tab, I just completely miss it because it's not exactly fun to constantly switch back and forth between the two.

So, there. My /sign for this idea.

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