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03-19-2010, 09:47 AM
You know, honestly, I get tired of all the talk of 'I doubt they'll finish the Klingons before the new faction come out'. It shows no faith in the developers at all. They brought a whole new concept in MMOs out and you are complaining because things weren't finished. If you were business people, you would understand that the market was ripe for this MMO at the time, seeing as the new Star Trek movie came out. With free advertising, in a sense, they would have been stupid to not capitalize on this. They have been working earnestly on content for both factions. Klingons are the pvp faction right now. Yes, there will be another one, but I see the Romulans as having more of a story to detail out in content than the Klingons really do. They just lost their planet and there is huge upheaval. Most likely Romulans will have the same access as Klingons at the beginning.

Please start believing in your devs. They have put together a lot of things for our enjoyment, and their focus is definitely on the future of this game.

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