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I just noticed some curious behaviour, or rather I've seen it happening before but now I finally figured out what I think is causing it.

What is going on?
- Whenever a BO window comes up the face/ name usually match on the first window, then later on in a mission a face/ name often get messed up, BUT not always.

This had me wondering for a while already, but just there I noticed something weird.

What happened?
- I was on a random exploration mission to approach a base, in there I have to scan 4 computers. When I accepted the mission in space my Tactical BO was talking to me, who happens to be in the first slot of my space assignment roster.
When I beamed down to the base my science officer started to talk to me (or rather her name, with the face of my tactical officer, who isn't even on the ground), this officer however happens to be in the first spot of my ground team roster.

I noticed that usually when it went wrong it was a mix up with their names. Basicly the engine fails to load the face of my science officer when changing maps and uses the first face that it got in space from the tactical officer.

I hope this'll some help with getting the issue fixed. I've also reported this issue in bug ticket #757,698.

To add to this, if you have BO A in slot 1 at the start of a mission and then switch to BO B during the mission it'll also mess up the name/ face. I get the impression that the engine doesn't do a check everytime the BO dialogue window comes up.

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