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# 1 Long Live the Empire.
03-20-2010, 03:06 AM
Doubt anyone has been as hard on crytic than I have....but this new patch has turned the corner.Maybe i am just in love with my new BoP mix and match design i have made or maybe i have had to much blood wine but im close to lifetime

For those of you who havent tried the new stuff here are some of little things coming that you don't hear about unless your on the test realm.

Number 1
A factionless bar I went in there was tons of feds roleplaying , so the first klingon I seen come in I said to him You don't even saltue your general , and first thing he said was sorry general didnt see you and most of you know me and im sure you would have just spit on me and I would have had to cut your little head open but was very cool to see roleplay on both sides.

Number 2
Rura Pentha its there you can;t go down there yet but its there those of you that know me well know ST 6 is where its at , this was unbelievable even tho I could only fly by it.

Number 3
The Pve isnt so bad.....I enjoy it its cool to see my ship in differnt systems with differnt back drops , not to mention finally seeing my Bo's

Number 4

As of 3 am lastnight Bo's are ON THE BRIDGE , thats right I almost cried I was so happy , but we dont have tear ducts so I killed some feds insted.

Number 5
New ship models , some kinda suck and they are only at T5 , but you can mix and match some great combos.

Number 6

those that know me well know I am always in the warzone killing feds.The warzone now gives you PvP marks and has something "like" a dmg meater it shows the effort and things you have done I think only the top two get marks tho , not really sure I was alwlays the top.

I know some of you are still mad about that pvp vendor from 3 months ago , and about the joined trill from few months back aswell , but The effort is starting to show.

Now if I could just get those dam STOked guys to do a show called STO-vo-kor the day before this pacth drops a pretty much all Klingon show that might bait more players this side.

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