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# 1 Bug or stupitdy?
03-20-2010, 09:21 AM
Before I fill a ticket, I better ask if its just my inability to understand the mission instructions correctly. I had no issues finding Sulu or anything, so I also see a chance this is a bug.

"Fight in 3 Space War Zones" - N'Var and Kes'at (sp?), the scan 8 Borg thingies, then destroy 6 Borg thingies. That's what I did, twice in Qu'Nos sector, once in Donatu. My mission status is "return to Lt. Mara". If I talk to her (tried both hailing and talking to her directly), she only offers me the Kahless Expanse quest. If I accept, she has no icon but the "info". I did the Kahless Expanse like 2 mio times, but I don't get the option to turn in the quest. All mission status options tell me to do that tho. Is there anything I'm missing?

My second problem is very likely a result of my stupidity, but any hint in the right direction would be appreciated. I'm Lethean, I'm not as bright as Klingons.

I got "the most dangerous game - ground" as mission. Now I understand what I have to do, kill 50 NPCs, just like I had to destroy 50 ships in the space version. I just don't get where I find ground NPCs to kill. The only place where I get ground missions is PvP, and that's obviously not NPCs. The mission info says "in any nebula", so I tried to go to the nebulas marked with "empire defense", but alas, I can't even enter them. I'm Lt. 10, and the mission is rated as Lt. 6 (I think, in any case below my level), so that can't be the issue.

Is it normal that I can't enter any Empire Defense except Kahless Expanse?
Where the heck are the ground NPCs?

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