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# 1 Queue system
03-20-2010, 06:05 PM
Just thought I'd stick down a comment or 2 on what I feel is a bit of a problem with the pvp system, and does appear to be a fairly basic one at that.

You go through the menu to the pvp queue window and get the list, this is filtered by ground and space, all good and fairly straightforward to understand even after beer consumption. Choose 3 and wait for a while for one to come up and accept it.
This is where the flaw in the system comes into play. On accepting an arena of death you remain queued for the other 2 and because of this new arenas are started with the potential for insufficient numbers on one or other side (though more often than not it'll be both). The result of this is that you may enter a 10v10 assault map and be the sole player for 5 minutes or more or perhaps a take and hold game where you enter with the other side half way to victory and outnumbering you 10to3.

Surely the most sensible thing to have done would be a system that once you accpet one arena you are removed from the list for the other 2 you wanted to join, or at least your note of interest is put on hold until you exit that arena.
As I said it effects both sides but probably hurts the klingons more as they only really have pvp to level up on at the moment.
Random spawning in a group of feds/klinks is pretty funny and for klinks that get the death quests is handy in a way but if the basic numbers don't add up then in space battles at least the fun of combat is reduced quite a bit.

Other than that the only glaringly obvious omission to pvp is autoteaming, it is after all the only time you really need to group up for anything before the 5man raids.

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