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# 1 Looking for the Right House
03-20-2010, 11:40 PM
Hey all,

Im looking for a House/Fleet to join, im not one to move around alot so im looking for a house/fleet that i can stay and grow with over the years, as such I want to be very clear and upfront about what my ideal fleet would offer.

Mixed Faction: Yeah i know its not possible to have KDF and Fed in the same Fleet but you can have 2 divisions both using a shared channel. I have both a BG5 Klingon and a RA5 Fed, im active on both, but generally use my Klingon for PvP.

I spend about 60% of my time on my Klingon toon battling away in space and on the ground, ive never been a PvPer in other MMOs but i really enjoy it here and would love have a fleet alongside me when im in battle, my PvPing is pretty much always on my Klingon toon.

PvE Raids:
Next to a fun friendly fleet chat, regular raid runs are my primary requirement out of a fleet, once or twice a week would be ideal and if possible on both Fed and KDF. Both my toons are fully kitted out with Purple X gear both on their ships and them selves, so im ready to roll.

Active Forums:
Forums are in my opinion essential to the health of a Fleet and a good active forum where you can co-ordinate Fleet Events, post guides and most importantly an outlet for any pent up silliness.

Vent/TS3 Servers: These are a must too, my typing skills at the best of times isnt great, so whilst being shot at and with a frantic computer screaming that my hull is down to 25% it rapidly deteriorates to my just banging the keyboard and hoping by some miracle it made sense.

Thats about it, a long list i know, sorry.

A bit amount me:

I live in the UK, im a 35 year old married man, ive played MMOs for years, I started with Star Wars Galaxies just after launch (CU scared me off for a while but i went back until NGE killed it) and have been playing various MMOs since, EVE Online, and Lord of the Rings mainly.
I have a life time sub to STO (and LOTRO) so i'll be around for a while.

Please reply to this post if your fleet has the above, sorry again for being so demanding, its not in my nature, but i want to make sure i get this right.

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