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Hello all,

About that (title), I would like to bring in some nuance to that wish, to prevent a longer route to happiness for most (can never please everyone).

Non-combat missions get repetitive way faster then combat missions, since combat is combat and different every time anyways.
So if people ask for more non-combat they actually mean (imho) more intelligent, different kinds and longer or more interesting non-combat missions without much repetition. Scanning 5 anomalies for the fifth time is really not that fun, nor is 'discovering' the scientists's pheromone fate for the 4th time.

So maybe have way more text written for them, so that the story is compelling and stays compelling longer (although I foresee the same problem).
Or devise some talk-mission where the topics and questions are written so well that you can throw it in a random generator and it still makes sense in 100% of the possible outcomes.
Or just make exploration missions more focussed on combat despite what people say they wish, because at rear-admiral 5 doing the B'tran cluster every day and sometimes wishing to test out a new ground weapon you can get like 6 non-combat missions easily before finding a space battle one, where you would have liked ground combat.

The problem might also be solved by making another PvE mission with story, which still makes sense when you do it over and over again, and of course make that repeatable.

Repeatable storyline missions are great, but are unrealistic and you have to turn your RP off, since you in fact already freed planet X (if additional and different text were to be written for the repitiions this could be ameliorated. Something along the lines of: "Crap captain, the Borg returned!").

What are peoples thought on this?

Best regards,

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