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Right now, Ker'rat is the only non-base zone that does not open the PvP queues (and Otha on the test server). Every system that claims to be a "hostile engagement" is entirely useless, since the queues can be opened from anywhere already. This essentially makes about 10 systems completely without purpose.

Since the lack of purpose is a big detractor from PvP, why not give these systems a point? Essentially, you could turn each one of them in to a War Zone type area, each with a unique map and unique goals. They wouldn't have to be like the current War Zones, with two sides investigating Borg stuff and happening upon each other. They could be offensive/defensive type maps, with one side trying to invade a stronghold, for example. Similar to the Cap & Hold map, or the Ice Mining fleet action.

Now, this would be a lot of work and development, so I'd even be alright with a single set of offence vs. defense maps, used twice. The Klingons are offence in the systems on the fed side of the map, Starfleet is offence on the red side of the map.

Let's say this happens. So what? You've got more PvP maps, with more goals, and the systems are actually being put to good use, but what's the point? Well, here's the bigger idea: make victories in these systems unlock a special fleet action or PvP action. Once a side has won a certain amount of planetary War Zones, they are able to go to the opposing side's base, and try to take it over in a special instance that gets created.

This would NOT affect the normal operation of the base. If, for example, the Klingons qualified for invading K7, they would fly there, and a special F command, "Invade Sherman System" would pop up. Upon entering this special instance, they get to kill fed ships, beam down, and wreak havoc. This would be a Starbase 24 style mission.

The things that would need work:

How many battles would each side have to win? Would it be just total wins, or a victory margin? In other words, if each side has 24 planetary wins, and it takes 25 to unlock the special event, would a victory mean that side unlocks it, or still has to go on a 24-0 run? If it just a straight up amount, once one side "wins" and unlocks the event, does the other side's win number reset?

Would the final event be PvP or PvE? How are people notified? How long is it unlocked for? What happens to the planetary battle after it is unlocked? Do they not allow people to enter until the event is finished? How does this final event fit in to the canon of the game? The mission would have to allow some sort of "reset" plot device to explain the bases remaining in normal operation.

Anyways, that's all. Thoughts?
Lt. Commander
Join Date: Dec 2007
Posts: 120
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03-21-2010, 02:39 PM
More warzone's are definitely needed. PVP need's a lot of work. The unlocking idea reminds me of WoW, coolt hough. But I support more warzones like the Borg one. Lakewintergrasp in WoW is cool, whomever win's get's a bonus to killing stuff or whatever when they're fighting near or in the area, and they also get access to a dungeon, or whatever. Whomever the winning side is, they should get access to a special instance, or bonuses or both, and then just have it reset in 24 hours or something. WoW did a lot of things right in pvp, I know this game isn't WoW, but still.

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