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03-21-2010, 03:01 PM
Originally Posted by Synacus View Post
Prolly me and Vuk are tied for given them crap I have been making the topics and him posting has kept them going......point tho is it is working.....they mayb not be posting here , why I don't know but they are listin our voices are being heard.
Compared to me you come across as a Cryptic appologist.

Originally Posted by STObee
That "Ask Cryptic" has been analyzed closely and consists of 6 parts fluff, 2 parts non-answers and 2 parts promises of more non-specific "stuff" at a later (unspecified) date. You should go back and reread it a couple of times, with a critical eye.

WE DON'T TRUST CRYPTIC TO DO THE RIGHT THING. Especially after that Federation (with a bone to Klingons) 45-day update.
Originally Posted by STObee
Mark my words, as soon as Federation players get more revealing clothing they will discover the toons have no belly buttons. FED TOONS MUST HAVE BELLY BUTTONS will be the cry. And they will get them

Then Fedrats will demand belly button jewelry. And they will get it.

Meanwhile, Klingons will have the exact same short list of uniform customizations. Klingon and Orion females will have the exact same uniforms (like they would actually dress the same anyway).

Like the tree falling in the forest, when the Klingon Empire falls will anyone be there to hear it?
Originally Posted by STObee
Wait A LITTLE BIT FOR CONTENT? How much content? For how long a wait? I'd settle for half of the Fed content and character/ship customization - half is enough, for a start, provided it isn't too long a wait, and Cryptic makes a good faith effort (unlike the bad faith effort of the 45-day update).

What Cryptic should be doing:

- kissing Klingon butts, not the other way around
- dropping EVERYTHING that isn't Klingon related and rushing to put Klingon content (PvP and PvE) into the game (it may take 6-9 months of nothing but working on Klingon "priorities" just to get halfway to the Federation standard)
- place the entire "art department" on Klingon character/ship customization
- get their devs and executives on this forum to explain and appologize for the 45-day update specifically and the lack of Klingon content in general

Please note the preceeding
Originally Posted by STObee
Recommend the main Klingon faction fleets get together and ask Cryptic for terms of surrender.

We could not be beaten by the Fedrats, Romulans or Borg, but against the unfeeling and unthinking Cryptic there is no defense.

The 45-day update makes it crystal clear that Klingons are not a major faction in STO and that Klingons will only get 3rd class treatment. They should rename the game Federation Online and let us get on with our pathetic existance as a monster faction.

Any terms short of species enslavement or extinction should be accepted.

As a bargaining tool we could ask for reduced monthly premiums to go along with our reduced level of content. Call it an even $5/month to play Klingon faction.

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