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03-21-2010, 11:28 AM
Originally Posted by Igax View Post
Has been many thoughts and ideas of something like this... who is to know if it will come to pass. I would like to see the entire neutral zone turned into a PVP zone... ditch the sector map for there and make it several zones we have to traverse to get to one side or the other, Open pvp or course. Add in some systems we can take control of via ground and space combat and bam... maybe some pvp with a point to it.
Originally Posted by Foxrocks
You mean like the Ker'rat system in the neutral zone?
Right now, every system in the neutral zone, except for Ker'rat, opens the queues or takes you to a base. The queues can be opened from anywhere already. What I think ought to happen, is something similar to the longer quote here. The neutral should indeed be a much more PvP oriented place. The zone itself, sector space, shouldn't be changed, but every system should have a specific, unique map with a specific, unique goal, much like Ker'rat.

I'm sure this has been suggested somewhere, but that's really what ought to happen. Let the queues remain as they are, for set-up type matches, but allow neutral zone systems to keep rolling players in and out.

This would obviously take a lot of development time, since creating unique maps and missions for, what, 10-20 systems? would be a lot of work. Of course, they could cut it in half by creating a certain amount of offense vs. defense type maps. Klingons are on offense in the systems on the fed side of the zone, Feds are on offense in the red side of the zone.
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03-21-2010, 02:41 PM
Yeah, I agree. There should be ton's more warzone zones like Kerat in the neutral zone area.
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03-21-2010, 03:49 PM
I agree that pvp is getting boring. i know it takes time to create new maps, but something needs to be done. if not they will lost the core players. we need more pvp. It is boring to die only to respawn in a spot to die again. it need to be opened up, may be more pvp fleet action. fleet action can be fun but not the same map; over and over again.

i would like to see something add to our profile; like a medal for kill (pvp). they could color code it to change when a # of kill is reached. Give us something to shoot Without goals we will lose interest.

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