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# 1 Issue after Patching..
03-21-2010, 09:08 PM
Alright Ive looked on the forums and havent seen anything posted about this so, Im just going to chuck this out there in case there are some people incountering this and havent spoken up.

Now I just bought a new computer for this game. And prior to the patch the game was great, acouple rubberbanding spots but nothing to the extreme Im incountering now. Its gotton to the point where I try to look past it and play but its really gettin to me and no I wont quit lol. Again, massive rubberbanding all over the galaxy is what ive incountered after pre patch.

Has anyone incountered this at all after downloading the pre patch?

My connection is solid, ive done a few ping tests and what not and all come in great, I check my system for firewalls ect incase there running in the background during gameplay, there all off just in the off chance, i close down any programs that dont require to be on, but running a duo core 2 processor (3.0ghz) with 4 gigs of ram, and a 1T harddrive i doubt that would stop it lol.



ps... if someone has incountered this and managed to get it fixed what did you do, reinstall a fresh copy???

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