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assuming that the +2% crit chance is inherit from the anti-proton weapon itself, there are only two modifiers on the antiproton weapons from the PvE daily quests; compared to the antiprotons from the PvP daily quests which have three modifiers. If the +2% crit chance is NOT the inherit trait from anti-proton weapons then the PvP daily quests would have FOUR modifiers. (both break the rarity conventions since green=1, blue=2, purple=3)

for comparison:
PvE antiproton beam array:
.2 crit chance
20 crit severity
.1 accuracy

pvp antiproton beam array:
.2 crit chance
.40 crit severity
.1 accuracy

this used to be the case for both ground and space weapons, but in an unnamed patch they rebuffed ground weapons so that they are identical. PvE and PvP shields/deflectors/engines have an equal number of modifiers exept differently split.

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